Innovative   Fresh   Inviting

1st & 3rd THURSDAY  7PM

Meeting Location:    

8594 Frederick St.  Omaha, NE 68124


Jason West

(402) 218-3675

Bret Baker

​(402) 657-8136

Kingdom Expressions (Worship Arts) including Music, Songwriting, Painting, Drama, Pottery, Photography, Dance, Flags, Writing, etc.

​​​1st & 3rd WEDNESDAY  7PM

Meeting Location:    

2925 S. 159th Avenue Cir. Omaha, NE


Dave and Dianne Rhode


Meta Gerson
FC Farwell (402) 509-8745

​Bible Study, Worship, Prayer

SON Groups: When & Where

1st & 3rd TUESDAY  7PM


Meeting Location:    

10530 Pacific St. Apt. D102 Omaha, NE


Dorea Cemore

(402) 803-4640



Pastor Paul Crider

(402) 609-9762

Bible Study, Worship, Prayer

1st & 3rd WEDNESDAY  7PM

Meeting Location:

1109 S. 36th St. Omaha, NE


Paul and Evelyn Nelson

(402) 203-4073


Sharon Fowler and Hilda Jones

(402) 972-6866

​​Bible Study, Worship, Prayer

S.O.N. Groups  Serving Our Neighbors

Our small groups are geared toward fellowship & discipleship.

 SON Groups are an integral part of Kingdom Encounters, and we encourage everyone to connect with a SON group. We currently meet in homes and at our Kingdom Encounters location for fellowship, study, worship, prayer support, and counseling as needed or desired. These normally meet the first and third weeks of each month, with the second and fourth weeks of the month being devoted to 714 Prayer, Kingdom Extension outreaches, or Kingdom eXplosion services.