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Kingdom Expressions

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At Kingdom Encounters, we believe in utilizing multiple avenues of worship to our Lord. We call these avenues "Kingdom Expressions" because they all represent aspects of Kingdom life and how we express our worship and devotion to God. The Kingdom Expressions ministry is not a ministry to the people; it is a ministry from the people unto the Lord. It is the honor and privilege of all believers to participate in this ministry as a form of praise unto the Lord and of spiritual warfare. This is confirmed in Psalm 149:6–9: “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand . . . this honor have all His saints. Praise the LORD!”

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Kingdom Expressions

Currently, we are blessed to have a music ministry, songwriting ministry, sound/media ministry, dance ministry, art ministry (including painting and photography), creative writing/blogging ministry, worship/dance flag ministry, and various prayer ministries as different aspects of Kingdom Expressions. In the near future, as the Lord opens the door, we look forward to expanding these ministries, as well as adding a variety of other Kingdom Expressions ministries, such as drama, spoken word, poetry, culinary arts, and beautification teams. The goal is that all these ministries will come together to foster an atmosphere in which the people are free to express their worship to God, both privately and corporately, through a variety of forms.

To learn more about any of the Kingdom Expressions ministries, please send me an email at the address listed below or view our Strategic Blueprint below.

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For His cause,
Jason West
Kingdom Expressions Leader

​blog:  http://kingdomexpressions.wordpress.com